The Advantages of Colour Coded Cleaning

A great deal of the cleaning industry, particularly in the clinical or catering sectors, is moving towards a zonal approach to cleaning. This approach, also known as block cleaning, is a way to reduce the spread of disease between different areas of a site or building.

The zones or blocks, are areas of cleaning, which are divided up to be kept discrete. Cleaning materials which are used in one area, can’t then be used in another. This separation between cleaning equipment and often personnel, ensures that infection isn’t spread through the resources used to clean.

The FSA amongst other governing bodies now recommends the zonal cleaning approach to lower the risk of cross contamination. In the food services sector, cleaning is not simply divided by area, but by processes. Separate equipment is needed for food storage and for food preparation areas for example. The endorsement of this zonal cleaning approach has come on the back of concerns over E-Coli spread, along with those about salmonella and the campylobacter bug with recent figures suggesting that more than 70% of chickens on sale in the UK are infected.

The logic of the zonal cleaning procedure is clear, but the remaining question is how best to ensure its effectively carried out? With large sites in particular needing close management of resources across large areas, cleaning processes and higher numbers of cleaning staff, how can you be sure that you can effectively separate resources to prevent the carrying of infection between zones and processes?

One of the simplest solutions is by colour coding. By opting for a colour coded collection of cleaning equipment and materials, you can better organise the use of resources for each task and zone. By ascribing a colour to each zone, you can easily communicate this to staff across your site.

If you’re looking to source cleaning materials that are colour coded, look for a local supplier, such as Alpha Consumables, who specialise in colour coded cleaning equipment, or a local janitorial directory will help you find a supplier.